About us

[ Business concept ]

Owl Design has managed more than 1,000 interior designs, fitting-out and renovation projects during the past 25 years from its establishment.

We have successfully cooperated with a number of multinational companies and a great number of public-listed, small and medium-size enterprises locally. We have been / are favored by most of our customers on our designs and construction works; and so-called “there’s nothing new under the sun”

We commit to devote our full effort and attention in every design and construction project, to make it as innovative and tailor-fit to give our client’s entire satisfaction.

We are well trained to listen precisely and patiently to get the real voices and needs from our clients to achieve smooth communication; that is an essential key to meet and exceed the expectations successful of a project!


Founder: Sam Chan


Scope of Services

*Well-known specialty restaurants; full of art, luxury and sophistication

*Popular dining brands and fast food chain restaurants

*Famous fashion & clothing retail stores

*Offices and workshops equipped with modern and popular facilities

*Supermarkets and sizeable logistics warehouses featuring internationally renowned brands

*Well-known international schools, public and government schools, kindergartens operated by charitable organizations and its educational institutions.

*Construction projects by Non-governmental organizations (or NGOs) establishing special child care, training and learning center for special children before pre-school stage.

* Provide artistic beautification construction works and upgrading services for the famous "Treasure Land" to recall the memorable moments with ancestors.

*Substantial outdoor maintenance engineering services, such as: hospitals, memorial museums.

*Design of brand logo, corporate signage and trademark as well as installation services